Freezer Trailer Options You Might Have Missed


A special event at your business calls for special equipment, and if you need to rent a freezer trailer, you have plenty of choices to make. These trailers range in size from small "icebox" types to semi-truck trailer types, and while size seems to be the main issue (along with cost, of course), you've got other options to consider. Some of these are not always obvious to people who haven't rented a professional-grade freezer trailer before. These other options can make using the freezer much easier for you.

Dual Temperature Trailers

One option on larger freezer trailers is to have dual temperature sections. These are separate sections run at different temperatures, and they're perfect for when you need things refrigerated and frozen. Or, maybe you want a certain item kept just below freezing with everything else kept very cold and frozen; you'd want a dual temperature trailer for that, too. There are some models that use a plastic curtain to separate different temperature zones, but having completely separate compartments with their own doors is better.

Plastic Strip Curtains

Speaking of those curtains, the plastic strip curtain is exactly what it sounds like: a curtain made of strips of transparent plastic. The strips allow you to pass through the curtain easily. These curtains are often used to help keep dust and bugs out of the freezer compartment, and they help a bit with insulation, too, preventing too much cold air from moving outside when you have the door to the trailer open. These curtains are optional, and not every trailer rental company will offer them. However, if the company you rent from offers them, you might consider having one installed in the trailer you rent.

Shelving Rental

Most freezer trailers are empty spaces that you can walk into, and goods are usually stacked up on top of each other inside. If you want to have a little more organization, ask about renting shelving for the freezers. Again, like with curtains, not every company offers these. But shelving may be available at others, especially for larger trailers, and the shelving helps keep everything nicely in order.

Call a local freezer rental company like Coastal Portable Refrigeration Rentals and ask about your options. If you can, remember these three if you think they'd be appropriate for your situation. The representative you speak with will help you put together a rental package that makes storing food and ice at your event much easier.


12 July 2022

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